Soft Materials at the Nanoscale

The aim of our research group is to understand the structure, assembly, and flow of soft materials at the nanoscale and advance their functional properties for medical, environmental, and energy applications. We develop and investigate computational models of soft materials including deformable polymeric nanoparticles, biomimetic membranes, self-assembled virus-like particles, confined electrolyte solutions, and glass-forming liquids using analytical techniques and simulation methods powered by high-performance computing resources.

Current projects include:

  • Exploring shape deformation and assembly in soft-matter-based nanoparticle systems
  • Engineering of reconfigurable materials via self-assembly of deformable nanoscale building blocks
  • Investigating structure and correlations in electrolytes under nanoscale confinement
  • Characterizing the flow properties of polymeric fluids
  • Developing machine learning methods to enhance molecular dynamics simulations

Join us on GitHub to learn more about our projects and contribute to the codes that power the simulations and the apps we develop.